Who We Are and What We Do:

The Life Source Center, Inc is a human service organization located in Plantsville, Connecticut.  The Life Source Center provides behavioral health services that assist people in effectively dealing with anxiety, depression and stress.  Also included are persons struggling with ADHD, anger management, and self esteem issues.

The Life Source Center also provides counseling services to couples struggling with relationship issues.  These issues include conflict resolution, developing negotiation skills and recapturing a sense of intimacy. Couple’s counseling also deals with issues of infidelity.

Through its Helping Hand Fund, the Life Source Center is able, as the result of  donations, to provide assistance to needy individuals and families. Those in need are identified and referred by community entities such as churches, schools and community service providers. Donations are given directly to the organizations that would provide goods and services to those in need.  Assistance is to the extent of available funds and level of need. 

Finally, the Life Source Center has available a speaker’s bureau for training and public speaking engagements before college, businesses and various groups addressing such topics as stress management, conflict resolution,  and self growth.  Psycho-education is also provided in written form such as in our books entitled, “Take Charge of Your Life or Someone Else Will” and “A Transformation Toward Positive Change”.

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