What services are provided by the Life Source Center?

The Life Source Center specializes in providing adoption home study services, case management and post placement services to individuals and couples who are adopting independently through a source or agency they have identified.  The Life Source Center is licensed to perform home studies for individuals or couples living in the State of Connecticut. Home Studies meet all foreign and domestic adoption requirements.


How does one get started?

Interested parties complete the formal adoption application along with a non-refundable $120 application fee, which will cover the cost of the initial orientation meeting.. Once received, a meeting would be scheduled in order to discuss the home study process, required documentation address specific questions.


What are the requirements in a home study?

A home study is a short biography written about the family adopting.  Included is an assortment of documents for this process.  A complete list of document is listed in this Life Source Center website under “Home Study Web site Checklist”.  Specific paperwork requirements may vary from child placing agency to child placing agency. The Life Source Center is committed to ensuring that requirements are met. Once all necessary information is gathered the LSC staff person writes an approximately 20 page report describing the family. The home study is a critical piece of the adoption packet.


Why chose the Life Source Center?

The Life Source Center is dedicated to ongoing communicating with families and child placing agency. No home study will be finalized until it is fully reviewed by the family and the child placing agency. The goal is to complete the home study in 8 weeks depending on receipt of all documentation and meeting all guidelines unique to the child placing agency or sending country.