Pushing Through Life’s Setbacks


As we all know, life has it’s ups and downs. When things are good, they seem not to last long enough.  When things go wrong, it seems like they are going to last forever. Even when life is humming along, something can hit us in the eyes unexpectedly.  It could be a sudden health down turn, a break up you didn’t expect, being laid off at work, parents divorcing, a really close relative dying.  Adding onto this list could involve almost anything.  As a consequence, for many, there  is always the wait for “the next shoe to drop”.

People going through a life crisis tend to be overwhelmed.  They see no way out. They see their life changed forever and not for the better. However, even the worst can be transformed into something that can result in a more positive and fulfilling outcome.

None of us are under a lucky star, ordained to be “bullet proof”.  Tragedy and setbacks happen to all of us at some point in our lives.   Acknowledging that bad things can happen to all of us is a good beginning provided it pushes us toward something believed to be better.

Self blame or blaming others serves no useful purpose.  The “should of’s and could of’s only further enmeshes us in a quagmire of self pity.  Instead, push yourself forward, in spite of wanting to give up. By pushing yourself, you will find an alternate answer that will work for you.

Some people experience more setbacks  than usual . They.think that nothing good happens to them.  They should distinguish between problems that are thrust upon them and those that are the results of self prophecies.

Remember, there is a resolution to every setback.  Focus on taking steps toward a experiencing a better outcome in your life, It matters little how the small steps are.  Rather, keep focusing on your  steps, . Failure is giving up trying.   Success is picking yourself up and pushing forward no matter how often life kicks you down.

The only way to get better is to continue  pushing yourself to engage in life. regardless of how you feel.  When you’re in the throes of despair, you need to  seek out and involve yourself with positive people.  This is extremely difficult to do during those bad times.  But here again you need to push yourself, no matter how uncomfortable it may be and no matter how minutely involved with those people who are positive.

During those dark times , find something you can enjoy and go for it, no matter what your reasons are not to do it.  Doing something you can enjoy can give you something to look forward to during those hard time.  Believe that even the bad times will eventually pass. If the bad times don’t change, than your attitude must.

No matter how dark things are, believe that you can get through it no matter what.  NEVER, NEVER  GIVE UP, REGARDLESS OF THE SETBACK!  Believing that bad things only happen to you is a fallacy.  As hard as it is to believe at times, set backs in life happen to all of us. Hold on through the storm and you will find answers that you never thought you would.

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