In relationships of all types, be they between countries, groups or couples, they need not be doomed to failure if there are differences. Success or failure is less dependent on the extent of the differences but rather on the ability to negotiate resolution of those differences in ways that respect the needs of each of you.

As a relationship coach, I can help you feel empowered in your relationships, making handling the day to day struggles more of a breeze. You will learn the importance of being in charge of yourself rather than engaging in those implicit and explicit power struggles that go nowhere with nothing getting resolved. You will learn to no longer engage in the endless repetition of nit picking that builds up to an eventual explosion that, when the dust settles, only begins the cycle all over again.

You will learn how to effectively deal with difficult people in your life. It will matter less who is at fault and matter more what are the end results you are looking for that will work for both of you. Taking responsibility only for how you handle yourself rather than feeling you have to be responsible for the behavior of those around you, gives you a tremendous sense of personal power.

Finally you will learn to be more aware of your own needs, be able to articulate those needs and negotiate getting those needs met while respecting the needs of the other person.

The find out more about whether or not relationship coaching is something for you, you can contact me; Raymond Shocki, PhD, LMFT, LCSW c/o Life Source Center, 710 Main Street, Plantsville, CT 06410. This service is available to anyone regardless as to where they live.