How often do we keep trying to change a certain behavior but often revert back to the “same old same old”?  This can be discouraging and disheartening for many people.  Many reasons are given for the lack of consistent follow through. The reasons vary from laziness and lack of motivation to some traumatic experience in one’s past that adversely affects any possible change in the future.  The older we get makes many people falsely assume positive change is even more a remote possibility.

In actuality, we are all “beings in process”, ever changing, no matter how minutely it may be. We are never a finished product, no matter how long we live.  There are always new things to learn, new things to do.

However, for far too many, this is a difficult concept to grasp.  This is especially true when change is not seen in others or ourselves. The same patterns and behaviors seem to repeat themselves over days, months, years.

Surprisingly you can indeed “teach old dogs new tricks”.  However, in order to do so you need to be as specific as possible in visualizing the change you want to make. This is hard but not at all impossible to do. Simply put, you need to believe change is possible, no matter the number of setbacks.  Treat those setbacks as learning experiences that merely need adjustments. Whatever change in personality you want to make will not happen immediately. Wishing, in and of itself ,will not make it so.

Pick one personality trait that bothers you and focus on changing that one trait.  Develop strategies you can begin to implement in order to change that bothersome trait. Ernest attempts at implementing these new strategies can bring forth new awareness and begin to change how you view yourself.

Remember not to think globally but rather in small increments. All of us can remember past behavior in our lives that we were not proud of and wanted to change. However, we can also remember that we made changes resulting in no longer exhibiting that particular dysfunctional behavior. Those changes we made prove that change is possible.

Remember focusing on one change at a time rather than changing everything about yourself gives yo the greatest chance of success,  Too much too quickly sets you up for failure.

You can indeed change, at any age, especially if the change is one that you truly want and are driven to accomplish.

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