Contrary to the old saying, you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks, and a young dog as well.  Sure, as we get older, we become creatures of habit but that doesn’t mean we have to remain stagnant, settling for less in life.

Life is like a basketball game.  as we move toward the last quarter in a basketball game , we don’t sit out the rest of the time on the clock thinking we already given our best.  No, we try hardest during the last quarter of the game, regardless of the score,  We attempt to end the game with the highest score possible.

Therefore, As you get older, the focus needs to be on what you have rather than what you don’t have.  So how can you recognize and not minimize your gifts in order to reinvent yourself regardless of your age?

  1.  Recognize that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future.  Everyday when you wake up, you can begin the process of reinventing yourself.   You can become a stronger version of yourself. Begin by believing that you are capable of  planning to make some overall contribution that gives life meaning and purpose.
  2. Think hard and ask yourself, “What in the future would I regret not having done before I die?”  Once you have identified what that is, work backward to the present and begin planning how you can achieve your goal.
  3. As you lay out your plan, examine your strengths and weaknesses.  Remember not to minimize or take your strengths for granted nor allow your weaknesses to rule you. Resist coming up  with reasons not to do something. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish by taking small daily steps toward your goal.
  4. Try to utilize the gifts you have with what you want to accomplish for the rest of your life.  What you want to accomplish should give you a tremendous sense of personal fulfillment. This could be caring for a child or grandchild, writing a book, planting a garden, volunteering for a cause you can feel passionate about.
  5.   When you find your new purpose, you’ll know it inside.  The passion of it will  carry you through even when you’re in the mist of the darkest times.
  6. Once this new  mission or purpose in life is identified, you will need to give it the needed time to cultivate and nourish it.  This will take work and perseverance that will also bring setbacks.  But fantasizing the fruits of your eventual success will carry you through any difficulties encountered during your journey.

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