As any parent knows, parenting is a never ending job.  As a follow up from my last blog, I put together a questionnaire that may be helpful to you as you travel down this road of parenthood.                                                                                                          

Instructions: Download the questionnaire. Circle either a YES or NO response. Total the YES column and the NO column. Subtract the NO column from the YES column to get your score.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1. In our home my children’s daily reading holds more importance than playing video games—–  YES  NO

2 My children are expected to get off the couch and engage in activity regularly ______ YES NO           

3 My children are taught appreciation by sending “thank you” notes to family, friends and others for gifts received ——————————————————————    YES NO

4 Junk food is kept at a minimum in our house  ———————————–YES  NO           

5 As a parent, I reinforce a strong work ethic.——————————————–    YES  NO

6 My children are expected to appropriately problem solve with peers and not complain———- YES   NO                                                                             

7 My children are expected to seriously think about what they want to be when grownup ——– YES   NO                                   

8 I make sure my children get around eight hours of sleep each day ————-   YES  NO

9 My children are encouraged to be aware and express appreciation for what they have———– YES  NO

10 My children are taught to be positive about themselves and their potential in life—————  YES  NO

11 My children are discouraged from engaging in negativity about life or others——————–   YES  NO

12 I try to be a good role model by being positive and affirming to my children ———————-   YES  NO

13 I regularly acknowledge and reinforce  when my children exhibit positive behavior————-   YES  NO

14 My children are encouraged not to let fears stop them from at least trying things ————-   YES   NO

15 My children are encouraged to read or listen to books about people of similar backgrounds who have succeeded in life in spite of great obstacles ————–   YES   NO

16 I regularly monitor my children’s TV watching and internet use.—————-  YES   NO

17 I consistently follow through on my children’s routine bed time, supper time and chores—–  YES   NO

18 My children have a set time to do homework and is consistently adhered to YES   NO

19 No illegal drugs are used in our household  ——– ———————————– YES   NO

20 My children are encouraged to participate in some type of activity that promotes social skills, conflict resolution skills and team work————————————- YES   NO

21 I do not allow my children to eat fast food more than once a week————- YES   NO

22 My children are required to eat good, nutritious food almost every day —— YES   NO

23 My children are encouraged to take responsibility for their mistakes and not blame others– YES   NO

24 My children are taught to treat their mistakes as learning experiences——-   YES   NO

25 My children are required to save a portion of any money they may receive   YES    NO

26 My children are taught the value of working for something they want.  —–  YES    NO

27 My children are encouraged to write down 3 positive experiences they have each day——– YES    NO

28 I make clear my expectations as to behavior from my children and consistently follow through with logical consequences for misbehavior ————————–  YES    NO

29 My children are taught to think before acting out impulsively and saying things that may be hurtful to others————————————————————————- YES   NO

30 I teach my children to respect other people whether they agree with them or not————–  YES   NO

31 My children are taught that there is something beyond themselves to believe in—————  YES    NO

32 My children are taught to never criticize, condemn or complain about life and others ———  YES   NO

33 My children are discouraged from quitting prematurely before trying their best—————–  YES  NO

34 My children are taught to understand and be sensitive to the differences of others————-  YES   NO

35 My children say “Thank you” when someone says or does something positive toward them–  YES  NO

36 My children are taught to listen more than they talk ——————————   YES  NO

37 My children are not permitted to do drugs or associate with anyone who does–  YES   NO

38 My children are taught to respect the core values of their parents and not minimize them as out of step or old fashioned.——————————————————-   YES   NO

39 My children are taught that they can disagree without being disagreeable and judgmental — YES  NO

40 My children are taught to recognize and appreciate the good things they have.– YES   NO

                           Totals for each column       YES ________  NO _____________                   

TOTAL SCORE _________                                                                                                 

 The higher the score, the greater likelihood of your children’s success as an adult.  With a lower the score, less than 60%, you may have identified areas that you may want help your children achieve the ultimate goal of a successful life.