Dealing with Depression

Each year over 19 million American suffer from persistent feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. This can lead to despair and possible suicide attempts. Signs include changes in eating, sleeping and/or libido, lose of interest in everything, decreased affect, suicide thoughts, unresolved grief issues and/or general hopelessness.

The good news is that depression can be treated and the treatment can help people find new strength and hope. Studies reveal that the greatest likelihood of success in effectively dealing with depression is when three treatment responses are initiated together. These are:

1. Proper medication; In the last two decades, there are many new drugs that have been used successfully when dealing with depression.  It is important to partner with one’s doctor, sharing with him or her any side affects, in order to determine if the medication or dosage needs to be changed.

depression treatment2. Activity; Activity, done in small increments, begins to develop feelings of accomplishment and success that can be built upon. This is critical to breaking loose of those self defeating patterns and taking charge of your life.

3. Counseling services; The use of talk therapy, such as provided by the Life Source Center, one can develop an ability to recognize, accept and effectively deal with the feelings of depression. Treatment, that is solution focused, with the goal of lowering one’s depression level and enhancing coping skills will result in an improved quality of life.