Today, after 7 months of being completely sober, I am employed at an 
agency where I help others and look forward to waking up and going to work, 
never thought I would like a job let alone love one. I am still married and am 
forming a new relationship with my family, still in progress as I neglected for 
so long but we are all very happy so far and look forward to days ahead. I am at 
peace with myself and continue to make and meet small goals as I learned not to 
take on too much too soon. I am very grateful to Dr. Shocki and his unique way 
of getting somebody as stubborn as me to listen, learn, and LIVE. I continue to 
make appointments with Dr. Shocki as there are still issues I am not confident I 
can truly handle on my own yet but visits are usually only couple times a month 
now. Also, I plan on continuing seeing Dr. Shocki as part of my "preventative 
maintainence plan" to avoid any negative behavoirs this chaotic society is 
capable of creating. Again, thank you Life Source Center for being there for me 
and helping me take control of my life.

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