Home Study Check List

  1. Application
  2. Reference Letters (1 from relative, 2 from friends, 1 from clergy)
  3. Autobiographic Questionnaire (Partner #1)
  4. Autobiographic Questionnaire (Partner #2)
  5. Birth Certificates on all family members in the household
  6. Marriage Certificate
  7. Police Clearance on all adults 18 yrs or older living at home
  8. DCF Child Abuse Check on all adults 18 yrs or older living at home
  9. Divorce Certificate (if applicable)
  10. DMV report on driving record of each adult member in the household
  11. Employment Letter (verification of employment of husband & wife)
  12. Medical report on each member in the home
  13. Vet’s medical report on all pets in the household
  14. Letter from appointed guardians for adopted child
  15. Itemized expenses and income for the month
  16. Filled out Financial Statement Report
  17. Copy of medical insurance form stating that additional child will be covered as well and pre-existing conditions
  18. Statement as to how adoption payments will be made
  19. Statement that couple has a Will verifying that an adopted child will have same rights to inheritance as any biological child
  20. Copy of life insurance form with  amount of coverage and the company it is through
  21. Copy of training certificates for both couple or individual
  22. Copy of last 1040 Income Tax form stating last adjusted gross income
  23. Copy of Passport (foreign adoption)
  24. Most Recent Well Water Test Results/Wood Stove Inspections Results(where appropriate)
  25. Receipt of Discipline REGULATIONS 17A-120-109
  26. Receipt of HIPPA Privacy Policy