Inner drive versus talent

I watched the girls U-Conn versus Notre Dame Big East game last night. Notre Dame won just short of the final buzer.  Here we have two teams with basically the some amount of talent and skills.  Yet one consistantly wins over the other (7 out of the last 8 games against each other)  Why?

My theory is that Notre Dame has what the current U-Conn team does not have.  That is that the Notre Dame team has “fire in its belly”.  It’s that will to win regardless of the obstacles, regardless of the barriers, regardless of the mistakes made along the way. To them,the obstacles, barriers and mistakes were merely learning experiences that required only adjustments rather than self defeating thoughts.  Anything that U-Conn threw at them, NotreDame became more determined, ever focused on their goal.  Each team was faced with the same frustrations.  Yet the attitude of each was very different. Attitude defeated U-Conn, not lack of skill.

I find this is very true for people in everyday life wanting to make personal changes in their lives.  Sure, skill is necessary.  But that can be learned.  It’s the attiitude that makes or breaks them.  You can be good enough in skills but great in attitude and you will shift the odds in your favor.  Attitude pushes you to press on focusing to achieve your goal no matter what.

Visualize what you want out of life and act as if you already got it. People waste a lot of time not knowing what they want out of life and blaming others for not getting there.  We are all masters of our destinies, for better or worse.  If you want it better, change your attitude and get that “fire in your belly”.