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Giving others hope

Continuing with Admiral William McKraven’s book, “Make Your Bed”, we come to his 9th life lesson.  His 9th lesson relates to “Giving Others Hope”.  He stressed the importance of giving others hope, in spite of any pain and suffering you may be experiencing at the time. I think it takes yeoman’s work to push yourself in order to divert your attention from the pain you are experiencing yourself, to being an affirming role model for others. However, how you handle adversity not only affects you but you also serve as a role model for others. Facing adversity boldly gives others hope that they too can rise above their present struggle and be strong.  Your expression of strength, regardless of how you feel inside, can act as a catalyst for others to perform at a higher level.  Because of being in contact with you, they can see within themselves the ability to carry on and not only survive but also to in turn inspire others.

You may ask how you do this if you are feeling weak yourself? Well, that is precisely the time to dig deep inside yourself and boldly face what you are struggling with. This can have a domino effect.  This behavior can lift others up.  In lifting up others, you can, as a side benefit, lift yourself up as well.

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