“I can do” versus “I can’t do”

How do we start each day?  Do we have a “can do”  or “can’t do” attitude? Unfortunately, for far too many people, there is a dread in getting up each morning to the “same old, same old”?  Don’t get me wrong, no one is exempt from the problems in life that befall us. They can include sickness, a sudden loss, an unexpected stoke of bad luck or the residues of past traumatic experiences.  All are fertile ground for embracing a negative,”can’t do” mentality.

It is true however that “attitude does determine “altitude”.  For those who embrace a “can’t do” attitude when they first get up in the morning, determine what will happen to them the rest if the day.  These types of people define themselves and the kind of day and ultimately what kind of life they will have.

Simply saying to yourself each morning  “I can do” will do a great deal to counteract the “I can’t do” messages, we tell each ourselves in implicit and explicit ways all the time.  Merely saying  “I can’ do” to ourselves repeatedly and with enthusiasm, can be a driving force for positive change.

Remember, that merely saying it, doesn’t make it so.  It must move you into action. It’s the action and the results therein that bring you to all you can be.