Talent From Within

RayDogs“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.” – Sydney Smith

People usually focus on what they are weak in and their strengths go unrecognized or minimized at best.  As time goes by, their weaknesses become their identity and the way they view themselves.  When someone compliments them on an accomplishment or talent shown, it is denied or played down.

These people go through life tolerating the intolerable. Seeing themselves in a more positve light would mean change.  For them, change, even positive change, can be too scary. In order to move forward toward a more positive path, people need to reinvent themselves.  This is a journey that begins with small, doable steps. People like this usually go around in circles, ending up in the same place, fustrated and disheartened.  What is needed is to step out of the circle in very tentatively.  Big attempts are too much out of their comfort zone and too scary. However,small steps bring forth small stretches which are doable.

With small steps come small successes.  With small successes comes the slow buildup of courage. These small acts of courage, (Nothing big mind you) will slowly reinforce the latent talent being brought out. As the strengths get stronger, the weaknesses get weaker. It won’t happen overnight.  People need to be patient with the process.  However, it’s the small, doable changes in behavior that act as building blocks that bring out the talents that will not only benefit the people who risk making those small changes but also the many people whose lives they will touch. 

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