Overcoming Barriers to Achieving Positive Change

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In our previous blog, (Barriers to Achieving Positive Change) we looked at some of the barriers to achieving positive change in your life. Now we will examine eight strategies that will help to overcome those barriers. They include the following.

  1. Define how you would like to see yourself. Be as specific as possible as to what you want to accomplish. 
  2. Be aware of the existence of those red flags. Don’t let someone or something else define who you are or want to be.
  3. Be aware of a natural resistance to change. Unconsciously there is a resistance to changing behavior, even if it is positive.
  4. Implementing baby steps is critical. Defining and achieving small subgoals act as building blocks in reaching your ultimate goal.
  5. Setbacks are opportunities to learn and adjust.  Falling short may occur many times before achieving your ultimate goal. Resist being disheartened and giving up. 
  6. Self- affirm every day.  Be aware of the small things you accomplish every day and acknowledge them to yourself.
  7. Develop relationships with positive thinking people. They provide great role models by their attitude about life with all its ups and downs.
  8. Make the most of the time you have by living more in the moment. Be more mindful of the present and less obsessed with the past or unknown future. Aim for balance between the three.

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