Continuing with Admiral William McRaven’s book, “Make Your Bed”, we are now on lesson six out of his ten lessons in life.  Admiral McRaven’ s sixth lesson is “You must dare greatly.Dare to be great” In his book, Admiral McKraven writes about how adversity can befall us all at various times in our lives.  As a result, “the potential for failure is ever present.”  He recommends pushing through it regardless of the barriers to self growth and a better life.  However, the fear of failure for many is too great to take the risk for even considering having a better life. Some people are so beaten down by the adversities of life that to push forward is exceedingly difficult, if not seemingly impossible.

How then do you push forward when your “push” is gone?  For those people, though the “well” may seem dry, they will need to dig deeper.  The only way I see doing this is for them to somehow find meaning beyond themselves.  This “meaning” which is ill defined and unique to each person, needs to bring forth “hope”.  Though your hope may only be a flicker has to entertain the thought that things will somehow get better.  Hoping that things will be better can come from within  or from outside by connecting with other people such as a positive friend, a compassionate clergyman or an insightful therapist.

This hopefully will give you just enough energy to take a small step forward which can lead to the next and the next. It is only by daring to risk by taking that first step, no matter how small or hesitantly, can you begin tolearn what is truly possible in your life.

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