How Simple Gratitude can Improve Your Mental Wellbeing



It is much easier to focus on what you don’t have or on the disappointments and setbacks in your life. In keeping with this line of thought, there is a tendency to minimize or take for granted the things that go well.  This colors your attitude and reinforces a negative spiral downward. Therefore, making a conscious effort to allow positive experiences, both past and present, consistently occupy your mind, makes it less likely to fall into the trap of constant negative self talk,

I have a patient, who as part of his night time routine, spends twenty minutes reflecting on all the positive things he experienced during the course of his day that he is grateful for. This exercise allows him to put his life in better perspective.

All too often people take for granted the simple things that are done for them by others. Simply being aware of those little things and acknowledging them to the other person results in you both feeling better.  This can be a simple acknowledgement of appreciation such as saying “thank you” or writing a note that expresses appreciation to a person who helped you in some way.

Being grateful for what you have can spill over into good health.  That means recognizing the importance of taking care of yourself to ensure longevity. Exercising regularly, eating right and going for regular physical checkups, all make you aware of the precious gift of good health.  Being aware of what is going on inside yourself is as important as being aware of what is going on outside.  Make sure you take care of your body s best you can, regardless of life circumstances.

It is critically important to focus on what you do have. Complaining is easy.  So much can go wrong during the course of the day. Consciously being aware of those positive experiences, regardless of how small, can go a long way in improving well being.

Meditation can not be overvalued. Setting aside time in the morning for twenty minutes of quiet meditation can do wonders with setting the tone of the rest of your day. The regular practice of meditation creates more of an openness to the good things in life and more of a resilience against the ill effects of life’s servitudes.

Water is the essence of life. Slowly drinking water over the course of the day can be a vehicle in bringing forth an awareness of one of life’s simple pleasures. With each drink of water can come forth a conscious reminder of how you’re being replenished.

Gratitude makes you nicer to be around. Being conscious of what you do have versus focusing on what you don’t have, slowly shifts  your attitude from being reactive to being more proactive. This will not only result in your feeling better about yourself but also make people want to be around you more.

People can experience a lot of hardships in life. This can easily monopolize space in one’s head. Don’t let this blind you to the simple things that you have. Be mindful of that old saying in life that goes,  “You don’t miss it, until you loss it. Graditude for and genuine appreciation of what you have can go a long way in helping you get through what life thrusts upon you.

Readers are invited to write, anonymously if they wish, about ways they are     successful or unsuccessful, in harnessing gratitude in their lives.  Readers can forward their thoughts and feelings by e-mailing me at or mailing me at lifesourcecenter, 710 Main Street, Plantsville Connecticut, 06479.