handsThere has long been various theories on the effects of genetics versus environment have on the outcomes of how children develop.  In the backdrop of all the theories, parents are struggling to effectively raise children who will be successful as they go through life. 

There is ample evidence that suggests that the social relationships children have with peers, adults in the school, and family members exerts great influence on their behavior. However, it is important to note that the child’s core relationships with their parents or primary caregivers have great significance in laying the foundation from which the formation of a personality that becomes either secure and attached or insecure and unattached.  It is obvious that the more secure this foundation is, the greater the likelihood their children will successfully maneuver through the ambiguities of later life.

The socioeconomic status of parents also has a huge impact on the child’s success in his or her environment.  They must adapt to less than optimal conditions in ways that can undermine good school performance. 

Combined, these factors present an extraordinary challenge to academic and social success. If these challenges are not optimally met, it does not mean that success in school or life is impossible. On the contrary, a better understanding of these challenges leads to actions parents and care takers can implement in order to help their children succeed.

If  parents or caretakers who are struggling themselves with the anxieties and insecurities, to meet the bare necessities in life, it is nature for their children to take on those insecurities during their early childhood years. This does not mean that these parents don’t care but with all the other struggles they have in life they can easily be overwhelmed and not tuned into possible poor school performance and behavior problems on the child’s part.

In my next blog,  I will include a questionaire I put together that will give parents a framework from which they can help their children on their road to becoming successful adults.