Finding your PURPOSE in life

Most people go through life, living in the mundane, rarely thinking about why they are here on this earth or what their purpose is in being here.  However, finding purpose in life is not as simple as flipping a light switch. It is a process that can be found while going through the up and downs of daily living. 

The following are seven behaviors you can initiate that can lead you to finding your purpose.  

  1. Begin by trying something new that you may enjoy. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it gets you out of your rut. Surprisingly, it may open you up to things that you may never have thought of before.
  2. Listen to your gut. Be aware of whether or not you feel a sense of fulfillment as you get out there in life. If not, try something new. 
  3. Make a concerted effort to surround yourself with positive people. Gravitate  toward people who have a positive attitude toward life regardless setbacks. This will rub off on you.
  4.  Stop moaning and start doing. There is plenty of unfinished business  around you.  Your presence can make a positive difference in a life or lives that you touch. Don’t minimize your talent and what it can do.
  5. Try and try again.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately identify your unique gift. Keep risking new things until you find what naturally clicks. When it happens, you’ll know.
  6. Listen to what is going on all around you. Dismiss the self absorption and the resistance to break through your fears.  Opportunities constantly present themselves. Let go of the shackles of being too busy filling space with nonessentials to notice what’s begging for your attention.
  7. Focus on your purpose in spite of setbacks. We all have suffered setbacks and disappointments some time in our lives. Focusing on your purpose when times are bad can bring you back to why you’re truly here and what is essential for you to accomplish before you leave this earth.

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